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Dream house

November - 2 - 2012

Our waiting has stopped ´Dream house´ has made its debut recently and we more than excited to see it. The movie is an American thriller who did not get too many good reviews but you should not let that stop you from seeing it. The main actors in this movie are: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts and Marton Csokas. ´Dream house´ made its first debut in Canada and the United States on 30 September 2011. The companies who produced the movie are: Universal Picture and Morgan Creek Productions.

  • Plot

The main character from this movie is Peter Ward played by Daniel Craig. Peter is a patient with mental problems who leaves the hospital and starts a new life; he gets married and has a couple of children. Five years later he finds his family murdered at his home and he gets shot in the head. He gets hospitalized and once he snaps out of it he wakes up and does not remember what happened. Peter creates a fantasy world in his head where his wife and daughters are alive and he is a famous book publisher called Will Atenton.

Once at home Peter meets some of his old neighbors, one of which is Ann played by Naomi Watts. She does not understand why Peter would want to stay in the house where his family was killed. Pretty soon she realizes that he is not well, that he is still insane because he acts like everything is fine, like his family is still alive.

The imaginary identity of Peter, Will, starts to research on the hospital where he checked out five years ago. He finds out that Peter Ward was insane and that he killed his family.  Because he cannot deal with the fact that his family is dead he creates another identity for himself.

  • Cast
    • Daniel Craig as Will Atenton and Peter Ward
    • Rachel Weisz as Libby Atenton and Elizabeth Ward
    • Naomi Watts as Ann Patterson
    • Marton Csokas as Jack Patterson
    • Claire Geare as Dee Dee Atenton and Katherine Ward
    • Taylor Geare as Trish Atenton and Beatrice Ward
    • Rachel G. Fox as Chloe Patterson
    • Mark Wilson as Dennis Conklin

This wonderful movie called ´ Dream house´ will keep you in front of the TV until it is over, you will simply love it. The great thing about this movie is the fact that you never can anticipate what the next step of the main character will be.

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