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Real Steel

December - 9 - 2011

For all fans of scients fiction movies Dreamworks launched ´Real Steel´ in 2011, a story based on a short writing called ´ Steel´ by Richard Matheson. The movie was directed by Shawn Levy in it has been a long time in development until the actual production began in the summer of 2010. So for all those who’ve been waiting for it, you no longer have to watch TV reruns of old sci-fi movies, you can enjoy this visual feast.

As we have mentioned earlier Real Steel was directed by Shawn Levy and it is based on a story written in 1956 called Steel and the authors of is Richard Matheson. The movie was produced by more than two companies: Dreamworks, 21Laps, Montford/Murphy Productions and Touchestones Pictures. The film originally meant to be released by somebody else and it was supposed to be released a couple of years ago but because of some problems between the producer and the production company the shooting of the film was delayed.

  • Plot

This movie is a drama in the world of boxing. The action takes place in the future where robots with human appearances fight in the ring for people´s amusement. Jackman, who is the main character of his movie, is a former boxer who has to survive in a world where boxing between people has become illegal, because it is too violent. The new gladiators are robots who look like humans. At some point he discovered a robot who has never lost a fight with a robot, this is the thing that makes him ambitious to win a fight with a robot. During the movie, on his journey to becoming the best,  Jackman find out that he has a 13 year old kid.

It is a very interesting journey, you get to see the battles the main actor of this movie has to take in order to prove that he is better than the robots, that robots can not replace a game which was once played by humans.

This scientists fiction movie called ´Real Steel´ is great if you like this kind of movies. It has received a lot of positive reviews which only tells us that Steven Spielberg has once again made a great movie. These movies where there is a battle between man and robots seem to be all the same, they all express the need of underlining the fact that robots can never re lace humans, this is also true here but we also have a man´s struggle to break all the barriers that have been put in front of him because his days of glory have passed.

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